Monday, February 15, 2010

Homosexuality in Africa

According to BBC,
Kenyan police recently arrested 5 gay men, 2 of whom were attempting to get married. Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya (as it is in every other African country except South Africa) and the government has pledged to continue to arrest gays and lesbians and to close down bars that condone such behaviour. According to a religious leader in Kenya, homosexuality ruins the future of young people, and hence should not be allowed. Article:

Much of the latter part of 2009 and early 2010 have seen several gay stories across Africa. In Uganda, there is a serious battle in parliament over whether or not a new bill should be passed, which would punish convicted 'gay rapists' with the death penalty. However, there is no such extreme punishment for people who rape heterosexually Despite the outrage expressed globally over this bill, many of Uganda's politicians are still defending the bill and urging for it to be passed.
In Malawi, a bishop who is sympathetic to gays was rejected by the government and a gay couple was jailed for 'public indecency' when they got engaged. The Malawian government has also warned gay rights activists that homosexuality is illegal and people who promote it will be prosecuted. Sure enough, one man was arrested for putting up a gay poster last week.

What do you think about this? Should Africa be focusing so much energy on homosexuality? Is it morally right to forbid homosexuality? And aren't we losing valuable citizens when we force people into prison or out of Africa because of their sexual orientation? Why is South Africa (one of the continents more developed nations) the only country that supports homosexuality? Is there a link between development and liberalism? Does Africa need to get more liberal?

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  1. Well, first of all the facts must not ignored.
    One, Africa is a somewhat "Religious" continent. And NO religion supports homosexuality. This fact causes governments and society to show open disgust for these acts.
    Two, even in culture, which Africa has a lot of, homosexuality is not encouraged.
    These two factors make it even more difficult for homosexuality to be accepted.
    In my view, being Christian, I cannot accept it because homosexuality goes against our way of life. However, jailing homosexuals may not be the best way to go about things.
    I think it must be accepted but punishing people for who they think they are is not a very good suggestion.
    The problems countries face is that they cannot make a solid judgement, just as i cant. There are the religious and cultural factors. And then there is the humanitarian factor which says that humans should be free. It is a tough thing.And so in order to take the easier way, governments COMPLETELY clamp down on homosexuals. This is saf but understandable.
    There is a clear connection between liberalism and development. When people are developed, they forget about the way things were done; they "move forward", in quote because that it is not necessarily the phrase. They change. People who are undeveloped usually cling more to culture and the old way of doing things.
    I cannot really determine or comclude as to whether Africa should be more liberal or not but I hope I have opened the issue up more clearly.

  2. I agree with is a difficult thing to place an outright judgement on. But then again it doesn't necessarily mean that we should compromise our religious and cultural beliefs in the name of "rights"?. I mean in a situation like this it seems like the easiest way out is to just allow everyone to do what they want but i mean if a government decides for whatever reason that they won't allow homosexuality then they must just comply with the rules so there can be peace because I mean homosexuality is something that was not very popular on this continent and not a part of our culture anyway and so if a government does not want to allow a particular activity of another man's culture to infiltrate theirs then so be it.

  3. My problem with using religion to defend it being illegal is that apart from the Islamic countries in Africa, no country actually claims it is a state of any particular religion. They all say they are secular nations, in which citizens are free to practice whatever religion they may choose. So it does not make sense that they will use any particular religion as the basis of making homosexuality a crime, since it's not obligatory for anybody to believe in that religion in the first place.

    Culture is another argument though.

  4. Mention the world "Homosexuality" and everybody will view it from the religious' point of view!! why?? is it because we are religious or religion condems it?? religion views it as a sin just the same way it views stealing as a sin....but what do you think an atheist or a pagan would say about this issue??
    Personally, I dont like it but thats just me so why can't others practise what they think its best for them?? Why shouldn't i exercise my freedom to the extent I feel like? Its a free country so why should people be bound to the only few 'choices' available from our superiors?
    A government should cater to all types of people no matter what. They shouldn't discriminate people for example, because they are homosexuals. Imagine if a whole country like kenya, turned homosexual. Does that mean that each and everyone will be treated the same way homosexuals are being treated right now?? I dont think so.
    We should learn to think about others not just ourselves. The homosexuals are normal people just like us and the fact that you or the government doesn't like homosexuality, doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't like it.
    This matter should just be left to each and everyones choice...i mean you have a right to determine who you want to be.

  5. everywhere in the world, when decisions are being made concerning a society, the views of the majority mainly carry the vote. if in Africa, homosexuality is generally looked down upon, there should be no way it is legalised.however, what should be done in my opinion is set up a framework for punishment of those who insist on practising it in countries where it is banned. the punishments should not be inhumane but must be able to send acroaa the message that homosexuality is not condoned in that country.